Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'Time vs Money'

'Time and Tide' waits for none. But similarly, 'Power and Pelf' are forsaken by none. Time is important in life, good management and optimal utilization of time is necessary for success; but then again, money is equally important for a happy and satisfied life. So which one of these is more important!!!
I guess both are interdependent in some ways, to say the least. It's the situation that plays an important part, the circumstances that make you decide which of these two omnipotent parameters rules the roost.

Consider the example of a person wanting to go to a place for a vacation with his family. He has enough time available, at hand, and is not in a hurry. He would definitely decide to take a train from his source station to the destination station or even prefer driving, unless he is averse or phobic to railway or road travel, without taking faster modes of travel such as air-travel  into account.  That's only because money is a much dearer thing for him at this point of time than his time. It does not necessarily mean that the person does not value his time at all. It means that in the current scenario he can afford to have not optimally utilized his time. This is when money probably scores over time.
Now consider another scenario where the same person needs to travel to a place, within the mainland of the country and very much within the ambit of railways, to strike a really lucrative business deal. Here in spite of the fact that the place is well within the railway network and reachable via rail, the person might still want to travel by air because he finds time much more important than money at that instance. It may be because a waste of time can cost him the deal or may be he finds traveling so long during working hours a waste. In this 'Time vs Money' scenario, time scores over money. It can be inferred from the above mentioned examples that when one feels ones time is more important and prioritizes on saving time than money in a given case, is subjective and depends from person to person. The saving on time gives 'some' people much more returns than saving on time. In stead of
just vegetating, they could direct this energy for a more productive cause and optimally utilize the time at hand. These are the characteristics of highly successful people - the day you realize that saving on time could give you greater returns than saving on money, consider yourself a successful and well-achieved individual. 

PS: The travel analogy presented by the author is just one scenario. There can be umpteen situations where you could find yourself in a quandary and obfuscated over the endless issues of 'Time vs Money'

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