Friday, January 11, 2013

Music : There's Something For Every Mood

If there is anything that can guarantee to change your mood, then it has to be 'Music'...
Music to me is more than just listening , more than just a sensation to my ears, more than just a melody that I enjoy. Music is a state of mind in itself. The reason I say this is , the kind of music one prefers, from the unfathomable variety available, depends much on the person's state of mind, the things he has suffered/enjoyed in life and also on some instances in life that have had a major impact on the person's ideology.
Music is soothing when effectively chosen. Music is potent and has the power to transcend you vicariously into a different world. A world that's much closer to your comfort zone and makes you feel at ease. 
Music is perceived differently by different people. No matter if you understand the nuances of music or not, enjoying music to the fullest is something everyone's entitled to. And that's the beauty of music!!!
Everyone can enjoy music irrespective of one's ability to understand it. As they say music knows no language. Many Punjabi compositions of the likes of Daler Mehendi, Sukhwinder Singh etc. are very popular even in the Central India, although the language is not so prominent in this part of the country.
There are a host of examples of songs that  have, overtaking the boundaries of language and culture, enthralled the people all around the country and even abroad. A recent example has to be the song composed by Dhanush titled 'Kolaveri Di' which topped the charts in India for many consecutive months.

 The same phenomenon which I would call 'transliteration of music' is true internationally all  around the globe. Be it the 'OOPA GANGAM STYLE' or the subtle Sitar play of Late Sh. Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Music knows no boundaries and no language. It is ever expanding - ready to entice everyone from a small child who responds to the toy that we called 'jhunjhuna'; to a youngster who falls for Pink Floyd; to an elderly who feels satisfied listening a raga or a trance; to a devotee who is lost into a new world listening to the devotional hymns.

Music is ubiquitous and diverse.There is something for every one and for every mood!!!

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