Monday, June 7, 2010

Walk Through!!!

Walk with me in rain
Walk with me when I’m in pain
Walk with me when I’m struggling
Walk with me when I’m alone
Walk with me when no one’s around
And solitude is all I found
Because when there ain't any shoulder to shed my tears
And not a single soul to mitigate my fears
I want someone to hold my hand
And guide me away from this cursed and jinxed land
To a place where falling doesn’t mean falling in one’s own conscience
Where striving doesn’t mean scratching your fists at work
Where fighting isn’t for bread
And where one could weave the subtle harmony tread
Answer me – if you can take to my concocted haven
Which is pristine, sacred and has grandeur of God’s own heaven
Only if you could walk with me till the end
And if you could redeem my courage to fight the trend
I beseech you to walk by my side
My hearts yearning to experience the panacea of your touch
Life’s unfair and I don’t expect much
But only a mate who would be along till my last breath
Still in search of that soul, aimlessly I run
So I beg you-“Tell me if you are the one”…..

Pseudonym : h!v

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