Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Plight Of A CAT-taker

First things first - this is not at all an article that will give you a magic wand and you could swing it enchanting some "abraa-ka-dabraa" or "hoogabooga" type chant and get through your much awaited dream.
This is just not it.
But if you want a light moment you can continue reading.
Okay! Lets get to business. So who is a CAT-taker? Ever wondered what breed do they belong to? You are thinking I've gone nuts; the breed has to be homo-sapiens.
Courtesy: MBA Informer
No friends. Its not that.
Now a CAT taker essentially is a DOG - but not the four-legged mammal from the canine family chasing the CAT. This person is a Dedicated Over-enthusiastic Guy/Gal. Some of them are from the intelligent breeds of the likes of the German Shepherds, the Alsatians; the others are like Pomeranian and even a few others are like Great Den- all busty, no real material. But these are not the only breeds available when it comes to dogs chasing the CAT. Every year lakhs of dogs decide to bell the CAT but only a few of them get the prize. Others are dejected and start lamenting.
But even for the dogs who have successfully belled the CAT, the show is not over. All the successful dogs have now to go through a rigorous selection process of the CAT owners and if they could please
these sophisticated owners well enough,  they stand a chance to enter into the hallowed cordons of a good dog training institute.
Okay enough!!! Lets do away with this dog analogy now.

Let me enlist the qualities that can help one clear a AAA grade B-school interview:
1)Be a female candidate:
Gosh!!! you are born male...That is the biggest unintended sin you could have ever done, if you want to enter a good B-School.You lost it buddy, however if you are ready to get a gender transplant done you still stand fair chances, provided you could explain them and convince them your obvious reasons of getting a transplant.

2)Don't be an engineer:
So what if that's what you wanted to be all your childhood. So what if you have realised now that an MBA with a technical background would help you climb new heights in your career. So what if engineers all around the world are doing exceedingly well as managers. So what if you are naturally blessed with an ability to tackle numbers and confusing finance figures. That's all of no use because a good B-school believes in diversity.
So that's the second sin you have done and have further hampered, again unknowingly, your chances of getting into a good B-school.

3)Be a specialist at sports or music or photography or whatsoever:
You need to be a veteran at something away from curriculum to boost your profile and convey to the panelists that you are an enthusiast. It does not matter to them if you were so involved in the race to catch the CAT that you sacrificed, with a heavy heart though, all your alternate interests. You need to be in the top 1% of the country and still be well-versed with everything else going around on the planet.

4)Be a failure:
OOPS!!! Did I spell it wrong?
No, I didn't. The only thing they allow you to fail at is 'being an entrepreneur.' If you have ever put lakhs or a few thousands of your hard earned money at stake and started a business and failed at it, a good B-school can only then consider welcoming you.

And so if you have done it all, you are ready!!!
And if you haven't, then think again because it might be too late to prepare now.
Your past sins will haunt you forever, all your life, because the early you started the better chances you had.
Ironically, the best time to start would be minutes after you are born and are looking into this world
through the glass window of the neo-natal care unit.

Pseudonym : h!v

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