Friday, January 11, 2013

India - The Political Cabaret

Did you know Manmohan Singh, more popularly known as 'Mannu', the honorable Prime Minister of India, is an exceptional dancer.
And so is 'Didi', the TMC Chief - Mamta Banerjee.
And how can we forget the latent talent of Sonia Gandhi when it comes to play a guitar.
The Indian politics across all demographies is replete with such political superstars. It is sad and critical on part of the 'aam junta', who play the part of being the audience here, not to recognise their talent and award these political cabret stars with due respect and accolades.

Ever since UPA-I came to power, Mannu, the lead dancer, has been dancing so well to the tunes of the INC Chief Sonia that it became imperative for the junta to vote him again to power and extend his performance to a second consecutive term. The junta it seems has really enjoyed his performnance. And why not, he has never let his body language or his dance seem out of tune to the music
 composed by the Gandhi family. Such is his dancing prowess that even Michael Jackson, had he been alive, would had pangs of inferiority. For years, he has been moving his feet in synch with Sonia Gandhi and her apostles. Never has he complained or refused to perform with them - a true team player for sure (one of the most vouched for virtue in contemporary managers and leaders). Be it the slippery Moon-SCAM-walk or the hard to perfect VADRA-steps, Mannu Bhai has never backed down.
Mamta Banerjee has time and again proved that she in no way is any less a dancer than our rockstar Mannu. Didi, as she is often called by her die-hard fans (some of them literally having no choice but

to kick the bucket), has always fought back hard and has never let Mannu's profitability, popularity and glamour quotient supercede hers. Though both Mannu and Didi are a part of the same band, administered by Sonia, they have their share of apathy, and at times even antipahty, for each other. Didi, being a young gun (she is at least younger than Manmohan) is better at some power-PUBLICITY-steps. She makes sure that she uses this to the fullest against Mannu and let the limelight be on her.
Rahul Gandhi for sure has to be the KEELER-DRUMMER(KD) - the heart of this association. He is incredible at making the perfect noise just when required. And that has proven really handy to Sonia; whenever Mannu and Didi fail to enchant the audience and get booed by them, KD gets in and does a high-adrenalin-performance which drives people crazy.Remember the visit Rahul made to J&K with a resolution to hear the problems of the youth there and look up solutions for them eventually.Though the situation is much the same and we have not witnessed any major turnaround in the valley, Rahul's visit atleast pacified the people for a while. They are in peace for few months before creating a furore again. No doubt, KD, along with his drums and sticks, is the trumpcard for the UPA band.
This odd bunch of the UPA band may not have been able to exercise good governance, may have failed to provide full meals to a million destitutes in the country, may not have been able to fight back and seek revenge for a jawaan killed at the border, may not have been able to save Nirbhaya (and then they say, may she RIP!!!), and may be won't be able to save thousands of such Nirbhayas in future, but we will still re-elect them to office because of the sheer entertainment they had offered us for all these years.  

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Disclaimer: The opinions in the article are author's personal ideas. The author has no intention to hurt the sentiments of the public. Any resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental.
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