Monday, May 20, 2013

The Quick-'Fix' That Cricket Needs

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A few days ago the entire cricketing fraternity, especially the fans, were shocked to learn that the IPL that they had been following with such passion and fervor; skipping their offices and delegating their other commitments at times; was fixed, or at least a few matches were, without a doubt. Three players of
the Rajasthan Royals team, one of them being a National Indian side speedster, were allegedly said to be involved in what the media has liked to baptize as 'spot-fixing'. These players have been charged of accepting tranches of money from bookies to concede a minimum number of runs in an over. So its seemingly clear, and alarmingly sad for Indian Cricket, that these players were in cahoots with the bookies and contrived with them to make some quick fortune by indulging in spot-fixing and ultimately dragging Cricket into unprecedented notoriety.
That they betrayed not only the sport but also its fans is apparent. I would not comment much on the entire episode of spot fixing, rather I would bring into light the loopholes and lacunae in the cricketing system that have facilitated such a disgraceful act.
Long before Cricket had been a gentleman's game - not any more. The grandeur and royalty that this sport brings along with it; in the forms of money, popularity and fan-following has driven many players to self-destruction. It has tempted the players to run after money and, those unsuccessful in doing it the right way, resort to methods like this. If this proposed hypothesis is true then it would be right to conclude that "Cricket is spawning greed"...
However, even if the hypothesis is not true, there is definitely something going very wrong with Indian Cricket. Some strict corrective measures are the need of the hour.The fact that its not the first time that Indian players have found themselves caught in such quagmire beckons some urgent action. Truly speaking, Indian Cricket is in crisis and something needs to be done urgently to revamp the system.
Lets look into the possible measures that can be taken.
First, it is the sole responsibility of the BCCI to regulate not only all kinds and all levels of cricket played in the country, but also to keep a close watch on the probity and fairness of the players. BCCI should come up
with strict guidelines which need to be followed at all cost. Anyone found to have contravened these guidelines should be punished severely irrespective of their stature and seniority. Acts like these will serve as
a precedent and borne some fear in the minds of other players, harboring even the slightest of thought of doing an unprofessional act and thus scarring their probity. If their conscience has not been able to deter them from indulging in these acts at least fear would.
In addition, the BCCI can also look forward to take a step ahead and compile a statute book defining
every possible act of indiscipline and also pronounce a punishment for the same. The punishment could vary depending on the seriousness of the mistake and range from just a deduction in match fee to even criminal proceedings in serious cases like this. Pessimist might argue that any law making agency or BCCI on that part, can't make a holistic statute book and list every possible act of indiscipline. Yes, but if we eye a long term aspect, then it is always possible to get that book updated on occasions when we come across something that has already not found place in this list of these activities. This would ensure two things - Not only it would make the players aware of all the activities they are restricted to do when in contract with BCCI but it would also make the players, and everyone involved with cricket, know that since there is a Control Board law in place there is no escape.
Actions like these and more are necessary to ameliorate Indian Cricket and maintain its sanctity. Indian Cricket is in danger and needs help to fade away the notorious and commercial image it is shaping for itself.
A Quick-'Fix' is what Cricket needs today, and certainly no other case of Spot-'Fix'. Actions should be taken urgently and for good.

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