Sunday, January 13, 2013

Matroo Ki Bijli Ka Mandola

My Verdict: 6/10
Comments: Satisfactory
Music: Good (Look out for the 'Khamakha' song)

Rarely do you see a movie that aims to address a social issue and yet fails to make the viewer's heart go out to it. MKBKM is one such work of celluloid.
The movie keeps you wondering if Imran Khan was the best man available to suit the role. Imran, though, has done a fairly good job. Not extraordinary but not bad either. The only thing where he has not been able to do justice to the role is what film-makers would call 'getting into the character'. Now sporting facial hair and wearing dreadly dirty costumes does not really gurantee that you seem exactly what you intend to.The body language is not perfect when it comes to 'Harayanvi' dialogues and 'tashan'. But that shuouldn't be much of a worry for Vishal Bharadwaj or Imran, the veteran actor, Pankaj Kapoor, has more than compensated for it.
Pankaj Kapoor plays a top shot real estate businessman in the movie. Though in real life he is a teetotaller he has more than justified playing a drunkard in the movie. His aim is to build a complete city on the lands of the farmers of the Mandola village. He has good political contacts and uses them to the fullest to realize his dream; Shabana Azmi who plays the power-obsessed politician in the movie helps and also takes advantage of this businessman.
As the movie unfolds, it throws light on the problems faced by the villagers when the government and the industrialists together form a cartel to arrogate the villager's land to themselves in the name of prosperity and economic development. Imran Khan plays the role of a 'messiah' and guides the villagers to get them out of this quagmire. And what happens in the course and ultimately is what forms the rest of the movie.
Anushka has done exactly what she is intended to do - bring in the glam factor. She is looking hot and boys going out to watch her especially would be satisfied, to say the least!!!
The dialogues in the movie are well written and the typical regional dialect and tone used, makes you feel close to reality. At times the dialogues really tickle your funny bone. The first half of the movie is pretty slow and monotonous, so don't forget to grab a large popcorn to pass your time. By the time the movie moves faster and comes to the point, the viewer has already lost half the interest.
Overall a one-time watch. Worth the money...

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