Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Popular Execution

Afzal Guru's hanging has been the talk of the town, or rather the talk of the country, for a little too long than what's acceptable.
There has been a potpourri of unsolicited opinions from the crowd. These uncalled-for opinions from the public have brought the execution of one of India's most-wanted terrorist to almost a political crisis. Never before had the people of INDIA Inc. given so much attention to the execution of an individual. And even that, never before had the Indian 'Junta' been so involved in the after math of the execution.This is definitely 'A Popular Execution'.
The guardians of human rights have been arguing and challenging the government for not allowing Guru to exercise his basic human rights and defend his right to live. Per them Guru should have been allowed to challenge the President's decision of forfeiting his 'mercy-plea'.
But the question is-Why were these so called human-rights dug deep in a grave when this very individual was conspiring  with his accomplices to attack a structure which is the soul of this democratic nation. It was not just an attack on the Parliament. It was an attack on India's secularism and democracy, two of  the most important aspects of the country that we as Indians love boasting about. It was more than just a terrorist attack. Guru was the harbinger of doom to India's political system. And now he wants mercy!!!
Do these shameless animals, typified as terrorists, take mercy into consideration while attacking on the sovereignty of a country. Or do they feel pity on the hundreds of innocent families that suffer at the bloody hands of these people. Or ever do they repent over their deeds? No they don't. Is this humane on their part?
These group of people are not humans.They are dreaded animals driven by their hollow beliefs of what they call 'jihad'. They are inhuman and foolish and deserve no mercy. It is sad to learn that none of these had ever thought of words like 'mercy' and 'pity' when they were on the path of perpetrating such heinous acts.It appears like suddenly such words pop-up in their dictionary when they are caught and prosecuted in a court of law.
So what if Guru was not allowed a second chance to defend himself, none of the soldiers and innocent people and government officials who were killed in this attack were given a chance either to save their lives.
And emotions apart, the government had no option but to keep the confidentiality and secrecy of the execution. It was expedient for the government because any fallout at that time could have had serious repercussions. J&K already saw serious tension creeping up after the news of the execution was made public; the situation verily would have been even worse had the news of Guru's execution made public before the actual date of trial.
The government probably also wanted the terror groups to drive home a message - that India would not tolerate such acts of horror anymore and would strike back hard to make sure that the perpetrators of the crime are punished to the fullest.
So what even if it is Capital Punishment...
RIP Afzal Guru...

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