Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rape - A New Phenomenon

Remember the old days, when even glancing, let alone staring, at a not so hot girl- vis-a-vis the current hotness quotient advertised by the feminine sect- could well land you into a situation where you could be beaten up by public to pulp. But now the times have changed!!!
We live an ultra modern cosmopolitan society now where in we pledge to give an equal share of everything to women.So here we are in a situation demanding a lot more from us.
Women today claim to stand tall keeping shoulders at level with the opposite sex.They have demanded equality with men in everything.They are craving to prove them next to no other mortal masculine soul, alive or dead.

So here we are giving them what they want, only with just a little perversion.We have now pledged to give them an equal amount of hatred, animosity, disgrace, shame and ignominy.Add to it, the 'use-and -throw' attitude given them as a bonus for their intrepid stance and demands.They are now respectfully stared in a market place, groped in a procession, abused in homes, harassed in offices, mocked in packed buses, beaten in villages, killed in hospitals, and most importantly 'used' when required.

Hell Yeah!!!

We are proud to give them exactly what they wanted.They asked for an independent outlook towards them and not the one of poor helpless creatures.But now that we have subjected them to exactly the same treatment they say they are not happy - Bloody Hippocrates!!!

So now who is to be blamed???
Little did they know before making their demands that, for years we men have been treating each other exactly the same way.We are inundated with feelings of animosity, hatred and antipathy for our fellow men and women.

We take pride in inflicting such behavior on women around us.We can ask, or rather force, our so-called sisters, any time to go for an incestuous adventure with us.We can use, and in some cases even throw them post the 'use', to satisfy the carnality of the demon in us.

And no law, no society and no self-conscience can stop us from doing so because they were the ones who asked for a change.

So Sorry Ladies!!! We men will not change. Gone are those days of chivalry.
We are now treating you as equals, so expect no mercy.

You asked for it, so you must pay for it...
PS: It's a wake up call for all men and boys out their. Please give women/girls the respect they deserve.If you respect your mother and sister then why not the girl out their in the street.
Think about it!!!

Pseudonym : h!v

Disclaimer: The opinions in the article are author's personal ideas. The author has no intention to hurt the sentiments of the public. Any resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental.

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