Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"The Train"

The other morning I woke up,
Only to catch my train,
There were many like me,
All sober and witnessing the same testimony,
Our trains might be different,
But we were all running to the same destination,
To our cozy, yet so uncomfortable offices,
To our alluring yet so vapid work places,
Each one of us bears this prejudice,
That 'Green Leaflets' are the reality,
So fight the world with plurality,
For life's a game of cats and mice,
Where only the fittest survives,
It's dusk now, and way to my home I catch the train,
I'm tired and jaded, down with pain;
Everything now for me is soporific;
And I turn to sleep just as I touch the wick,
Even in my dreams I'm struggling,
And there are many questions boggling,
But eluding all, the next morning, I wake up again,
Only to see the same perplexed faces again,
And only to catch the same train again...

Pseudonym : h!v
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