Tuesday, May 20, 2014

4 Things That India Expects From The Modi Government (MoGo)

BJP has come to power this elections after a gap of nearly 10 years. Surely, anti-incumbency was one factor that played a vital role in their victory, but it can't be denied that the people of the country have a lot of hopes with this Modi Government. Let's do an exercise, let's analyze the top four things that the citizens of India expect from the new government.
Here we go!

Better Governance
Okay! I know this is the easiest of points to make, you always expect good governance from the elected government that we as naive, stupid but yet powerful citizens bring to power. The point is, one of the most important aspects of good governance is managing international affairs well enough. We expect Modi to make India shine in the international spectra and make true the much awaited, yet failed, objectives of ‘India Shining’. This government is expected to make its word in the world, be friendly with the super-powers and super-powers-to-be and still not succumb to their pressure and pander to their requirements. This government needs to take a strong stand in the international affairs and do away with its policy of deliberate silence (hopefully Modi speaks a lot more than Mr Singh!), only then can we think of realizing the dream of India superpower 2020. The bitter fact is India has been touted as the next big thing in the world for a bit too long without making any justice to this status internationally. At this juncture, India can at best be qualified as a regional power. For India to be an international superpower it will have to be more participative in the matters of international concern. This is the best opportunity for the BJP to bounce back into mainline Indian politics, do well and finally wipe off Congress (which is always known to come back strong).

Better Handling of issues pertaining to the cultural minorities
BJP has been under a lot of fire in the past to be a pro-Hindutva party. It's high time they did away with these orthodox idiosyncrasies. It is imperative for the BJP to restore its faith among the people of the country as a secular party whose ideologies are not motivated by caste, creed, color, religion and other such baseless crap. MoGo is expected to deal with all these issues with genuinity and fidelity without being biased to any particular section of the people. Modi's public image of being a religious hardliner needs to be over-hauled and should be rebuild on terms of pure secularism. Only if the BJP government is able to make these minority groups feel involved in the development process, Mr Modi can afford an image makeover and can wash-off the sins of 2002 that haunt him till date.

Complete check on terrorism
Cross-border militancy has always been one of the most important issues for India ever since her independence in 1947. Modi with his audacious and tit-for-tat attitude is expected to curb Indian of this menace that has been a roadblock for the country's peace perennially for years now. But whether or not Modi's hard stand be fruitful is yet to be witnessed. Nevertheless, one thing is clear, BJP has been quite clear in its agendas put forward during its campaign and has taken no restraint in portraying Congress's poor governance and mild international stand as one of the reasons for cross-border terrorism. BJP, now in power, would have to do something great to cure India of this disease that has plagued our country for eternity. Considering, MoGo is unable to do so there will be a lot of criticism and thrash talking by the opponents. MoGo just cannot afford it, for they are in a very tight spot. Only results can rescue them and prove it to the opponents that this Modi win was not just a fluke.


Now this has, by far, been BJP's USP this poll season and now that they are at the helm, they will have to do justice to it. MoGo will have a lot of pressure owing to the super-high expectations the people have from Mr. Modi. Modi has left no stone unturned to convey that he believes in development politics. But the question that comes to the fore is whether or not the Gujarat model prove to be a panacea for the nation. His theory of 'one-size-fits-all' can be under strain when implemented at the pan India level. There is no doubt to the fact that Modi has been the protagonist of the Gujarat story but there is a lot of difference between a state and a country, for the sheer magnitude of money, opportunities, people and risks involved make it a really tough task to pull off with the same ease with which it was done in Gujarat. This is a golden phase for India - we have all the ingredients that it takes to fast forward the economic growth. This is the time when India has the highest percentage of Working Age Population (WAP) in the world and this number is only to increase in the next 10 years. The ratio of WAP to dependents is highest which is just perfect. The government at this point of time should try its level best to accrue as much demographic dividend as possible and not let this opportunity slide away. If we are able to channelize our youth into productive work by creating more jobs, better self-employment opportunities and better education, there is no stopping India then.

If MoGo takes care of all of these things with precision, there are definitely good days ('ache din') to come for both India and the BJP. If not, then unfortunately in spite of having everything we would still be counted amongst the backward nations of the world.
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