Sunday, May 12, 2013

Go Goa Gone

My Verdict: 7.5/10
Comments: Good

'Go Goa Gone' is more than what   you might be thinking of it. It's a fairly good movie and people, specially boys, looking forward to some typical raunchy humour would be delighted.The dialogues are pretty well timed and delivered, which gives that extra punch to the dialogues.The humour is very natural on most of the occasions. It is unlike the poorly executed and artificial humour which is typical of the movies of Rohit Shetty.
The movie takes you to Goa where three friends, and luckily a girl as well, land into all sorts of trouble. They end up coming to a secluded island where possibly they are the only humans left - rest everyone being zombies!!!
When there is no way out left, the actor-producer Saif Ali Khan comes to their rescue.
Let it be a suspense as to how and why the zombies come to existence in the first place and eventually how does our group of youngsters manage to get rid of them.
Saif Ali Khan is an add-on in the movie only to boost the star cast. Kunal Khemu, especially, has stolen the show with his quick-witted dialogues and ribaldry.Expect expletives!!!
A pretty light movie to watch and a good way to spend time with friends.
The music is good but not very soothing to the ears.
Overall a good complete package of fun-filled evening.

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