Friday, March 15, 2013

To 'Netaji'...With Love

Dear Mr. Netaji,
First of all I feel very disgusted for having sitting down to write this letter to you, because had you been working to the best of your ability I would have never decided to write this in the first place. So more than anything else, and more than the shabby critical eye opener this letter really is, it is a token of ignominy and chagrin for you and your political class.
When will you people learn to run the country with clean hands and head. The country today is replete with cases of corruption around almost every government deal. The top political brass is hardly bothered to address the needs and problems of the common man. Instead, they are busy draining the exchequer and in process robbing the poor Indian middle class. We pay taxes to the government to make sure that the public amenities are made available. We don't owe you that money.On the contrary you owe us services in return for the taxes we pay you. We don't pay the taxes so that you can meticulously and deceitfully appropriate huge amounts of it to yourself and hide it under your desi facade.
I also wonder how big your bellies are ??? You people are even better than pigs.For pigs have that unsocial habit of going on an eating-spree in public, but you and all other netas are pretty good at concealing your greed and appetite for money.You and your accomplices execute "the fraud" with such precision that it goes unnoticed; only to become public after all the money has been chewed and digested. And then what happens is usual chores- you convene a meeting of the top group of ministers and finally instruct the CBI to cursorily probe the matter. Days and months pass-by, and the already over-burdened and over-worried people forget the case and move on.Finally, you are free on a parole and all set to bring into effect the next scam-in-progress.So apart from running the nation - and that we know very well how you do - you also take up this arduous task of denuding the public of their hard-earned money in the name of national progress.
Sometimes I really wonder - as a responsible citizen that I am - which one of you is the best pick for leading a country of more than 100 billion people. For it needs some brainstorming to run a country like ours where people rely so much upon good governance for their welfare. After all its not a joke to shape the destiny, or on that part play with the destiny, of several billion people.Each one of you in some way or the other is worse than everyone else. Some of you are illiterate goons bequeathing political power as a heir of the family legacy.Some others are educated but make the best use of their knowledge only to indulge in scams and political heists.And just a handful of you are sincere leaders, really wanting to clean your house, but are incapable and ineffective because of lack of support from their fellow counterparts.
So all in all, its a situation of total disaster wreaking pandemonium all across the system.
The result - an inescapable political imbroglio.The repercussions - ineffective governance and a corruption prone economy.
So Mr. Netaji please learn to take the onus of governing this country seriously, if not for the people who elect you to power, then at least for your own self, because you are as much a part of this country as every other Indian is.

Yours sincerely,
Ek Aam Aadmi

Pseudonym : h!v
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